Open Source Community

A community driven by tech enthusiasts and open-source contributors, to help young students to be part of the open-source ecosystem by providing training and skill development.

Community Guidelines
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Get Trained by Experts

SOSC is all about helping each other to learn and improve, we conduct workshops and trainings led by speakers from other technical communities, and student experts. Keeping up to date with latest technologies and learning new things is what most of love. Here is your chance to attend workshops, training and even host non-profit events to help others.

Explore clubs and Activities

SOSC is a conglomeration of clubs and individuals who contribute to the community by helping us conduct events and activities. there are numerous clubs and experts who help shape the community to be pro-active. Mozilla Campus Clubs, Developer Students clubs, and the GitHub Campus Expert are to name a few.

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Get Connected !

Meet people with similar interest to work together on projects and host events to build a better collaborative environment. We are more than 100 members with interests on various fields of technology here to know each other and get connected. Meet our members to know more about us and build something cool!

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