WebVR : Bringing VR to Web

How one session on WebVR changed my entire perspective of the web and what we can do with it! A memorable session by Prathamesh Chavan.


There was once a time we saw websites delivering content, then we saw websites delivering services and now we see a rise in using trending tech with web.

May it be Machine Learning, IOT or even Virtual Reality , we now see more and more frameworks, libraries built around the web which make the web way more powerful than what it once was!

A year ago, I was probably not even considering to take up Web as something to learn professionally as I didn't really get a kick out of it at the time. But all that changed with a session by an amazing Mozilla Rep - Prathamesh Chavan, who currently works with Red Hat as an engineer.


It's here I learnt about A-frame and how easily we could build cool VR apps to go, which was crazy as anyone with an internet connection could use your VR app through their browser. It was probably here where I learnt how powerful the Web really is and what impact one can have through it.

I 'll be frank, We weren't sure about the turnout for the event initially. I expected a maximum count of probably around 50 or so. But as it so happens we somehow filled the seminar hall to the brink, an amazing feat indeed which was all thanks to the Prathamesh Sir's awesome way of explaining and entertaining the crowd with A-Frame.


It was an all round session with an interactive audience, an amazing tech speaker, hands on coding and lots of swags from our sponsors at Mozilla!

I have got to admit, I really like the way he turned my perspective on the web after which I really got interested in Web and using libraries like Tensorflowjs, Opencvjs etc.

Some links to get you started with A-Frame: