13-Feb-2021Ground-Floor Seminar hall

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“Practice makes a man perfect.”

That stands true for any skill one aims to learn and master. Programming is no different.

In this evolutionary era of tech, programming is seen as one of the most critical skills; a basic skill for almost all professions.

Through this workshop, we hope to help one begin one's journey in the world of programming. So, buckle up! Don't miss this opportunity!

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Programming.
  • Strengthening basic Programming concepts.
  • Exploring advance domains of applications of Programming.
  • Importance of open source.

Intro SOSC

Software Developers from all over the world collaborate to create libraries and so much more, which are then used by millions with free access to its source codes- this is what open source is all about (hence the name).

If you are active in the Open Source community then you will be able to keep up with the best Software Developers or even better, collaborate with them on projects. Join us and Lets explore the world of Open Source together.


  • Basic Logical thinking.
  • Laptop
  • Any Editor of your choice eg. VScode, Atom etc.


Ground-Floor Seminar Hall (Sahyadri Campus) Saturday, 13-Feb-21 - 01:30 PM