31-Aug-2019Second Floor Seminar Hall

Design 101

Come join us in the exploration of the vast and creative domain of Design. We are excited and thrilled to announce our very first workshop for this academic year - Design 101, conducted by the Mozilla Club of Sahyadri. Experience learning with hands-on experience while keeping the spark of inquisitiveness in you alive.

Time: 12:30 PM IST

Topics Covered

  • What is Design?
  • Types of Designers
  • What is Open Source and how it started
  • Designers can Open Source
  • Designers should Open Source
  • Open Design
  • Tools-Problem
  • Adobe XD
  • Setup and Nav
  • Photo Vault


  • Laptop
  • Internet connection
  • Mouse
  • Adobe XD Installed on your computer. Follow this link to install Adobe XD.


  • Make sure you have Adobe Creative Cloud account, if not Click here to Sign up!

This is a BYOC event

We'll be giving you hands-on experience on Designing using Adobe XD. So the event is Bring Your Own Computer workshop, your Laptops will be of great help here.

Absolutely Free!

Since this is a community driven event, there is no fee to attend the workshop but attendance is mandatory if you are registering for the workshop to avoid blacklisting for future workshops.

Post Event Report

The workshop was good kickstart for this academic year. We had our most cheering Club members to guide the audience all throughout the workshop.

Introduction to Open Design

The first session of the workshop was conducted by Jehad Mohamed, Co-Design Head SOSC and ex-Club Captain Mozilla and he covered topics on Open Design and how we can contribute to it, Designing and Designers and basics of Adobe XD.

Hands-on on Designing with Fun games.

The second session was conducted by Nathaniel Ryan Mathew, Vice-Club Captain Mozilla and he covered topics regarding Colours and its significance in designing. He also had fun and interesting games related to Kerning and Leading. The Last session of the workshop was conducted by Dhanush Bangera, Co-Design Head SOSC and he covered topics regarding animation. The workshop was organised by Club Captain Basavarajeshwari.


130 Students. We expected around 100, that was really good number to begin with designing.


September 30th. 9.30 am to 1.45 pm Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management, Mangalore


The participants learned about front end designing (UI/UX) in this session using Adobe XD. The participants learned about front end designing (UI/UX) in this session using Adobe XD. The Workshop was conducted by core team members of Sahyadri Open Source Community and Mozilla Club Sahyadri.

Feedback from attendees

  • Workshop was fun and useful.
  • Designs designed by speakers were really cool.
  • Looking forward for advanced workshops.
  • Always just saw designs, feeling happy to design myself.

Trainers and Mentors


Design-101 attendees
Post-Event Group Picture