Getting Better at Compitetive Programming with CodeChef

Competitive programming is a mental sport in which you must code a given problem while adhering to certain limits.
It is a software industry niche that has recently sparked a lot of attention.
We all want to compete and win, but where do we start? The CodeChef SCEM chapter is helping with this by demonstrating how to effectively use CODECHEF, a popular competitive programming platform, to develop programming abilities.
This platform encourages continuous learning and friendly programming competitions for its users, as well as the assistance of a vast community of problem curators.
There will also be a quiz on C++ at the end of the session with prizes given to the victors.

Date and Time: 20th June, 10:30 AM IST

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to CP
  • How to practice problems using the CodeChef platform.
  • Participating in different contests such as Long Challenges, Cook-Off and Lunchtime.
  • Find resources on Compitetive Programming.
  • Kahoot! for the fun part.


  • A CodeChef account
  • A laptop with good internet connection and a willingness to learn. 💚