Git+GitHub Workshop

The workshop will cover basics of using the Version Control System - Git and how to collaborate effectively on your projects using GitHub. Not just Git push and run but how to tackle difficult situations and how to find help. The workshop will also cover the benefits of being an open source contributor and how to be an open source contributor. We'll be introducing some exciting offers from GitHub education for students, and to use it to build your knowledge on modern technologies, and how open source can shape your career. Read more about How open source can help shape your career in our community blog.

This is a Free community driven workshop 💖

Date and Time: 9th Oct 2021, 4:00 PM

Topics covered

  • Introduction to Command Line
  • Introduction to Git
  • Git Basic Commands
  • Working in branches
  • Merging and resolving conflicts
  • Introduction to GitHub
  • Submitting Pull Requests
  • Reviewing Pull Requests
  • Exploring open source projects
  • Making your first contribution
  • Introducing GitHub Education and Student's pack

Trainers and Mentors


  • Internet Connectivity and a Browser
  • Github Account - Use/Add your college Email ID to your account.
  • Git Bash installed if you are on Windows
  • Git installed and checked on Linux/Mac Laptops.

Follow this link to guide you through the installation.

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