12-Oct-2019Ground Floor, Sahyadri College

About the Event

Hacktoberfest Hacknight 2019 is an 18 hour overnight hackathon being held on october 12th & 13th at Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management, Mangalore powered by GitHub. The event will start with a talk on "Need for Innovation" by MHRD followed by workshop on AR/VR/XR by Mozilla and Git + GitHub workshop by GitHub. After these the Hackathon will Commence.

Time: 3:00 PM IST

First year teams will be assigned with a mentor who'll help them throughout the Hackathon. Don't have a team? Don't worry, we'll assign you a team.

Registration fee is Rs.100/- per participant.
Since We have Limited Seats, Registration forms will close as soon as seats are full. Each team can have maximum of 4 participants. (If registering in a team, make sure there are no typos in the team name and that your team members' team-names match).

The theme and problem statement will be given on-spot.

Dinner, Snacks and Breakfast will be provided to all the Participants. We'll be including fun activities throughout the event.

Participants can pay by cash or by GPay. Participants paying by cash can approach at SOSC Office, 4th Floor, Sahyadri College of Engineering (Contact: 8951994576/9449722724). Payment should be completed before 11th October for confirmation. We cannot guarantee confirmation for on-spot payment and registeration on the day of the event.

On completion of the Hacktoberfest Challenge, all participants will recieve Free Limited Edition HacktoberFest T-Shirts!


Nothing really, atleast one laptop per team. First year engineering participants don't need to know coding since they can use any techstack of their choice including MIT App Inventor, Thunkable, Scratch etc... (the mentor will be guiding them regarding the same)

Problem Statements

1. Application to add details of participation in events with certificate(s), where certificate has to be verified by In-Charge.

2. Departmental Application (Website/Application for a department(s) in college to handle details)

3. Job Portal

Students can add interview questions, videos etc..., company heads can check which students are interested.

Aptra Problem Statement

  1. Optical character recognition (OCR) (handwritten Kannada) images to text or pdf

Optical character recognition (OCR) software is capable of turning images (handwritten Kannada) into text or pdf, but it is not perfect. There are sources of errors that occur because of the nature of the image itself (rotation, sizing, etc.) that should be handled, but there are other sources of errors that need to be handled, after the image is converted to text. Among the more common types of errors are segmentation errors (too m uc h wh itespac e or toolittle whitespace), character rnisrecognitioii, smudges that could cause misrecognition of pun,ctuation. Your challenge is to train a model to find and correct the types of common issues described above to more than 85% accuracy.

  1. Chatbot for retrieving data from database
Develop the Chatbot to fetch the data from database as per users input. Consider the student
table from which chat bot have to fetch the required data such as number of students or marks or
topper list or section list or phone number of particular student and so on.

General Topics

Health Care
Open Innovation.

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