28-Jul-2018Microsoft Lab

Image Processing

Workshop on image processing was conducted by Sahyadri Open Source Community (SOSC) on a popular open source computer vision library, OpenCV, by Intel. This workshop aimed at giving an introduction to OpenCV and cover up some of it's advanced topics so that the students can apply these concepts in some real world projects. To cover up more topics, the workshop was conducted in three phases and each of these phases were conducted a week apart so that the students could get thourough with the topics covered.


Image Processing 101 - Saturday,28th July 2018 at Microsoft Lab Image Processing 201 - Saturday,11th August 2018 at Microsoft Lab Image Processing 301 - Saturday,18th August 2018 at LH-201

Workshop Topics

Image Processing-101

  • Overview of a pixel
  • Loading and saving the images
  • Pixel manipulation.

Image Processing-201

  • Image arithmetics
  • Bitwise operations
  • Masking and threshing.

Image Processing-301

  • Histograms
  • Using camera to read and write videos
  • Face and eye detection using haar cascades

Trainers and Mentors

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