21-Apr-2019GFloor Seminar Hall

JavaScript Sunday!

The most awaited workshop on JavaScript and Node.js is here! We are excited to host this full day workshop on upcoming sunday to introuduce you all to the world of JavaScript, the most popular programming language with the largest developer community in the world. We'll be building some live projects using JavaScript on the browser and using Node.js to build CLI applications and WebServers.

This is a BYOC Workshop

This workshop requires you to bring your own computer to work with since we are giving you hands on experience building modern web applications.

Absolutely Free!

Since this is a community driven event, there is no fee to attend the workshop but attendance is mandatory if you are registering for the workshop to avoid blacklisting for future workshops.


  • Laptop
  • Charger
  • Node.js Installed on your computer. Windows users, follow this link to install Node.js, Linux/Ubuntu users use NVM to install Node.js Note: DONOT INSTALL AS SUDO
  • VSCode installed in your system. Follow the link to install the latest version of VSCode in your computer.

Workshop Time Line

Morning session

  • Introduction to JavaScript @haxzie
  • History of JavaScript @haxzie
  • Where it is used and current market value/opportunities @haxzie
  • JavaScript on the browser: Introduction @Dhanush-Bangera
  • Managing DOM using JS @shravan1998
  • variables, conditional statements, and functions built-in functions @coderhawk999
  • Hands-on session on building a small browser-based JS app (Maybe a calculator, weather search, or anything similar) @akashdeepb

Afternoon session

  • Introduction to Node.js @akashdeepb
  • Introduction to server-side scripting @hm-bilal
  • Javascript Runtime and JavaScript Engines @hm-bilal
  • Variables, conditional statements, and functions. @shravan1998
  • Introduction to NPM @haxzie
  • Hands-on session - Publishing your first NPM module @haxzie
  • Introduction to Express.js @haxzie
  • Building a small web server @haxzie

Concluding session

  • Node.js and Beyond
  • Future of Node
  • Frontend frameworks
  • opportunities and applications of JS