Kick Off CyberSec

Cybersecurity is the convergence of people, processes and technology to protect organizations, individuals and/or networks from digital attacks.

In this session, we will help you get started with

  • Understanding Cyber Security as a domain
  • Gathering basic knowledge required to build a strong foundation
  • Summary on cyber laws and punishments
  • Brief on jobs and earnings through bugs and bounty hunting
  • Hands-on experience by performing exploits on real vulnerable applications
  • Setting up a hacking lab on your laptops with documentation for your reference

Like all SOSC workshops, we don't want you to learn only during the session but also after. To aid that we will guide you about tools and trades of the craft along with a road map to truly pursue your interest in cyber security.

Date and Time: 11th July, 2:00 - 4:00 PM

Pre requisite:

  • A laptop and a stable internet connection.
  • Be super cool ( If your think you're not it's okay, You will be after the workshop 🕶)


Looking forward to see you hack into the session this weekend :)