14-Dec-2019Intel iWave Lab, 2nd Floor Sahyadri College

PCD Lab programs Study Jam

We are back with another study jam to clear all your confusion. This Study Jam is concentrated on clearing all the doubts and questions in your PCD Lab programs. We'll be going through all the lab programs with hands on training and possible viva questions to break the ice. If you face any difficulty in learning or executing C programs, understanding the algorithms and concepts, this study jam is for you. This is a free and community driven event, open for all.

Time: Saturday, 1:00 PM

Topics Covered

  • All the PCD Lab Programs with Practical
  • VIVA questions related to each program


  • BYOC We'll be giving you hands-on session on debugging and running the programs. So this will be a Bring Your Own Computer session, if you have a laptop, get it along. If you don't, just tag along with a friend.

Trainers and Mentors