14-Aug-2021Virtual Online

STL for Competitive Programming

Are you struggling to solve coding problems in given time ? Do you hate having to type out code for data structures and simple algorithms while solving bigger problem ? If so, we have a small trick up our sleeve which will make your Competitive Programming woes more forgiving. Let's learn about C++ STL.

You Will Be Learning

STL ( Standard Template Library ) is a set of C++ template classes providing common data structures and algorithms. STLs make Competitive Programming easier and faster.

About The Speaker:

This topic will be taken up by 5-star coder - Yashraj Kakkad. He is a third-year CS undergrad from Ahmedabad University. He has internship experience from Goldman Sachs along with numerous projects and achievements under his belt.

Date and Time: 14th August, 04:00 PM IST


  • Laptop
  • Stable internet
  • Basic Programming Knowledge
  • A willingness to learn šŸ’š!