06-Apr-2019Ground Floor Seminar Hall

Step Into a New World: Web VR/AR Workshop

This Workshop was an introduction to the world of Web VR/AR, in which, participants learnt about the basics of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, usage of VR Headsets, Tilt Brush, Jump, Blocks, 3D design and a lot more! We also recruited new members for Mozilla Campus Club: Sahyadri

##Time 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM


  • Laptop
  • Internet connection
  • Phone with AR core support
  • Expeditions app
  • AR core App
  • Cardboard App
  • Cardboard Camera App


Topics covered:

  • basics of VR & VR
  • VR Headsets
  • Tilt Brush
  • Jump
  • Blocks
  • 3D Design
  • Keyboard Shortcuts Quiz
  • Expeditions App
  • Cardboard app & Cardboard Camera App
  • Hands on Session on Web-VR using A-frame